Project Posted by Mallory M.

Tiffany Blue Dresser Makeover

  I gave this sad dresser a major overhaul by spray painting it with Krylon's Blue Ocean Breeze spray paint. It is now one of a kind and gorgeous!

What you need:

  • (1) can Krylon Spray Primer
  • (3) cans Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze
  • (1) can Krylon Chrome Aluminum
  • Screwdriver for the hardware
  • (2) sheets of sandpaper
  • Optional: FolkArt Metallic Pearl White acrylic paint and small sponge paint brush

How and How Long:

  1. Prep your area by placing a drop cloth down to keep your working area clean and free of potential overspray. Clean surface and remove hardware using a Philip's screwdriver. Place hardware and screws in a sandwich baggie so you do not lose anything important.
  2. Prime it with Krylon's Spray Primer. Nice, even coverage is best! 
  3. Spray the entire dresser with Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze Spray Paint. Again, try to achieve a nice and smooth finish. Avoid spraying too closely to your furniture to avoid drip marks and spray lines. Do two complete coats for best results. 
  4. Spray hardware using Krylon Chrome Aluminum spray paint and let dry for at least 20 minutes before reattaching hardware.
  5. Use a sheet of sandpaper to distress the areas you would like to give an aged look.
  6. Use FolkArt Metallic Pearl White acrylic paint and hand paint any detail you want to "pop"! I painted all of the edges and the detailed areas of the dresser!

Approximate project time: 2 hours.

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What it Costs:

Cost is $25 - $30.